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The Vision

The heartbeat behind Glory restorations is to see the hearts of individuals, couples, & families, be healed, delivered, & set free through the Gospel of Yahweh, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and through discipling through the Kingdom of God arts.  Empowering the artist to walk out a life with Him, to KNOW HIM & His true love and to use the gifts He has given them, for Him. 


The vision is to create a place where artist come and receive connection & healing from the Fathers Heart through co creating with God in multiple different art forms and finding true connection with the almighty Elohim God. 


Eight years ago we had gone through a restoration process as individuals and as a couple. We needed a deep healing. Through the broken places, and suffering, Glory Restorations was birthed. God has given my husband and I a vision of restoring lives and healing the broken hearted, giving a place for those to come and get a new perspective, those who feel numb inside, lost, & or broken, hopeless, We want to awaken the individual and empower them in Gods love through the Kingdom creative arts. To empower them to walk out deep purpose and meaning and restore hope.


While co creating with the almighty God through creative arts we find connection, healing, and purpose with Elohim. We believe because Yahweh is the ultimate artist, the arts unlock parts of us like nothing else can. Art is the universal language. 


And through knowing Him And creating with Him, being discipled through the creative arts. Then empowering the individuals to use their creativity to carry the heart of the Father with great purpose and meaning through the Holy Spirit. 

Goals To create a place and a space out in Nature for people to come get a new perspective and appreciate the Beauty of Gods design. Just admiring Gods Nature and being able to connect with it out away from everything else that distracts us, to get a new perspective is healing in itself.


God has used art all throughout our lives to connect with Him and has taught us so much about His heart and His love while being creative and co creating with our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ. Through working with our hands with God. And learning the Word and being discipled in the process. 

We have sold our home and are currently in the process of looking for land to build Glory Restorations. 

Land Goals:

On the Land our Goals for ministering to individuals are to have these main things on the land:

A Custom Restoration Shop. A place for restoring cars while in turn teaching a trade, discipling & teaching the Word of God and restoring lives in the process.

An Art Studio to allow individuals to come paint and receive healing as God heals broken hearts through art therapy, painting, sculpting, and variety of arts.

Also to inspire children to know their worth and of their true beauty and design and self worth through the arts to equip them to know who Gods says they are in a world that will tell them everything opposite. A place for people to come co create with God through art.


A Music Studio to create a space for individuals to come create music and receive healing through the teaching of music and sound and a place for individuals to be inspired to keep creating with the ultimate artist who used sound to create the entirety of our beings. He spoke everything into existence. And to teach future balladeers to play skillfully to the Lord 

Garden and Farm

A place to pull out the weeds of our past literally with our hands to the soil. and use the Word of God to restore us through applying His Word to every part of Working the ground. As we are created from the dirt itself, God will till up our lives and replant us and teach us how to stay connected to His vine through gardening and working with His creation. 

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Glory Restorations

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